Wang Lee Hom gets the best birthday present ever: A baby on the way

22 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

It's official - Taiwan crooner Wang Lee Hom will become a daddy soon.

According to AsiaOne, Shin Min Daily News reported that Wang announced his wife's pregnancy while he was performing at a concert in China's Xi'an.

His wife, Lee Jinglei, who is about five months pregnant, attended the early morning concert sporting flat-soled shoes, loose clothing and an obvious bulge in her belly.

The singer, who just celebrated his 38th birthday one day earlier, said to his wife: "Thank you for giving me the best birthday present.

"I hope to take this opportunity to share this good news with everyone, as the two of us will soon be start a new life as 'one plus one equals three'."

The singer then hugged his wife and kissed her on the cheeks, before adding: "Thank you for being with me."

He revealed that his wife announced her pregnancy with an excited shout of "Oh my God!"

Wang intends for his baby to be born in Taiwan. He said he did not know the gender of the baby, but the little one has been nicknamed "Wang Yi", or Wang the First.

The singer married his wife, Lee Jinglei, late last year on November 27, just five months earlier. That piece of news sent entertainment media into a tizzy, since he had only just publicly announced that he was dating Lee one day earlier.  

At the time of the marriage, there was speculation that Wang's wife may already be pregnant.

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