Wallace Chung's rise to fame could be because of a curious case of mistaken identity

16 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Above: Wallace Chung and Mickey Chu in 1993 drama, “The Chord to Victory”.

Once a rising star with TVB, Mickey Chu (朱健鈞) has all but faded from the spotlight. On the other hand, Mickey’s peer and good friend, Wallace Chung (鍾漢良) steadily climbed his way up to the A-list. This is a dramatic reversal of fates between the two compared to their early days, where Mickey was the lead in TVB drama The Chord to Victory <少年五虎> and Wallace merely played a supporting role in the same drama. Years later, Mickey and Wallace have now reunited in Johnnie To‘s (杜琪峯) new film, Three’s Company <三人行>, where Wallace forms part of the headlining cast while Mickey is as good as an extra.

There are several reasons for this divergence in the paths of the two, and some trace it to a curious incident involving mistaken identities that happened a long time ago, reports Jayne Stars.

Purportedly, Taiwanese singer Samuel Tai (邰正宵), who was extremely popular at the time, admired Mickey’s good looks and was interested in helping him with his career. Samuel thus tried to contact Mickey through a middleman. For some reason or other, this middleman made a mistake and introduced Samuel to Wallace instead of Mickey.

Wallace was then given the opportunity to develop his career in Taiwan and launched a successful music career, even reaching the same level of popularity as Jimmy Lin (林志穎) at one point in time. Even though Wallace’s career eventually came to a standstill in Taiwan, he managed to revive his popularity in Mainland China and now commands about $113,000 USD for filming each episode of a drama series.

On the other end of the spectrum, Mickey generally lacked ambition throughout the span of his career and it never took off. In 2007, he left TVB for ATV, where he worked for just a year. Mickey then attempted to make a name for himself in Malaysia but this too failed, and he eventually returned to TVB as part of the roster for filling B-list and C-list roles.

However, Mickey can take comfort in his successful family life, as he is happily married and was recently spotted spending quality time with his young son at a toy store.

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