Walking Dead cast talks about parts of zombies they would enjoy eating and more

14 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

They can talk the talk but can they walk the walk?

At The Walking Dead Live event at LaSalle College of the Arts on Jan 12, US actor Norman Reedus battled with his British co-star Andrew Lincoln in a friendly challenge to "rescue" two "hostages" from a zombie horde.

Lincoln, 40, who plays lead character Rick Grimes, proved to have marginally better aim.

The duo met 500 invited fans for a Q&A session.

What is an average day on set like?

Reedus: I ride a motorcycle to set. I bring him (Lincoln) coffee or he brings me coffee. We blast some music and they cover us in blood and sweat.

Then we go to the trailer and talk about the day ahead. There are lots of brotherly love, selfies and hugs.

What attracted you to your character?

Lincoln: I'm convinced I got the job only because my son had just been born then and I hadn't slept in four days. I looked like I survived the zombie apocalypse.

Do you watch yourself?

Lincoln: I don't watch The Walking Dead. I stopped watching myself since about 15 years ago - it's painful and I become self-conscious. (He kept his eyes down and covered his ears when a clip was played at the event.)

Is it tough filming the action scenes?

Reedus: I get injured a lot. I've given myself a couple of black eyes with the crossbow. I always get hurt.

How much of yourself do you think you have invested in your character?

Lincoln: You have to be psychotic. It's all in you but you have to find ways to find it. But there are qualities that Rick has that I don't - courage, for one.

If roles were reversed, which part of the zombies would you enjoy eating and why?

Reedus: I eat squirrels on the show, so I eat pretty much anything.

Lincoln: I'm a breast man.

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