Vivien Chow and Joe Nieh married -- but they live separate lives

16 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Although Vivian Chow, 46, has claimed that her marriage with husband Joe Nieh is a happy one, the couple appears to be living separate lives.

Local reporters have not witnessed them out on the streets together for a while, and the differences between the couple seem to be growing with time.

According to reports from ihktv, while Vivian busies herself each day with a full-packed work schedule, Joe mostly sits passively at home.

According to tabloids, Vivian and Joe’s marriage is currently at risk. Vivian is allegedly still scarred by Joe’s kissing university student, Miffty Cheung (張茆), at a bar in 2008.

Although Joe resolved the matter with Vivian in two weeks and the two engaged in a flash marriage, Vivian reportedly has not forgiven him completely over the years and still harbors distrust.

The issue flared up again recently when Miffty announced she is married and three months pregnant with her foreign husband.

Joe experienced a drastic change in personality after learning the news, and has since adopted the lifestyle of a couch potato.

Instead of being productive, Joe remains passive at home all day. Tabloids claimed his daily life consists of watching DVDs and browsing through stock statistics. Joe had a swollen face and a bulging belly when he was spotted him outdoors.

Other times, he tried to hide himself by wearing a facemask and cap. Joe appeared to be very afraid of reporters and walked away nervously in the other direction.

On the other hand, Vivian is extremely busy shooting advertisements, preparing for her concert, and heading to Taiwan to shoot new movie, Café Waiting Love <等一個人咖啡>.

Keeping a perfectly fit and slim figure, Vivian took up beauty endorsement jobs and possesses a high market value. There was a time when she reportedly earned half a billion HKD in only six months.

Since Joe’s billiard business went downhill, he allegedly fully depends on his wife.

Since her comeback to the entertainment industry, Vivian has been popular with beauty brands.

Although she is 46-years old, she possesses a slim figure and youthful looks, which is helped by her 40-minute gym workout every day. Vivian shared that other her secrets include drinking healthy soup and taking daily vitamin supplements.

“Most importantly, take everything easily and maintain a happy mood,” she added. Aside from filming commercials, Vivian’s income also comes from concert performances. She has been busily promoting her new film Café Waiting Love <等一個人咖啡> in Taiwan recently.”

She appears to move in different social circles than Joe and the couple pursues their own interests separately outside the home.

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