Vivian Hsu's 'ghostly' encounter while filming at cemetery

6 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Vivian Hsu had the fright of her life with a paranormal encounter while she was filming a new movie with Simon Yam, reports Sina. It happened in November last year in Shanghai where they were shooting for a new thriller movie.On the first day of their shooting, the scene happened to be in a cemetery. Vivian was chatting with her friend via her mobile phone in her car when her friend heard an odd man’s voice in the recording. However, there was no one else in the car at that moment except for Vivian and her female assistant.The following chilling incident happened when they went for their shooting in a deserted ruin, and there, a crew member saw a bottom half body ghostly image at the shooting scene.However, the most frightening incident perhaps happened in Vivian’s hotel room. Vivian has a habit of playing her electrical keyboard before she retires to bed. She will play a few songs and every time, she plays the song “Xing Bu Liao Qing‘, an odd thing will happen ‘“ the light bulbs in the room will just slowly grow dimmer by itself! And it only happened to this song, when she played other songs, the lights in the room was perfectly fine. Nevertheless, after a few days, Vivian by chance went back to stay in the same hotel room again. However this time round, after the past, experience, some crew members brought talismans along to her room to exorcise the spirits in the room. At this moment, the light bulbs in the room kept flickering and it seemed that they have angered the spirits. Vivian was so frightened that she immediately demanded to change her room.Vivian Hsu did not sleep well after this whole experience. She invited a monk from a Shanghai monastery to chant and pray for her and only then did Vivian resume her posture. After this incident, Vivian has asked her manager for more comedy and light-hearted movies in the future.

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