Vivian Dawson's parents had no idea Jolin Tsai is a superstar

25 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Recently, Jolin Tsai visited her boyfriend, Vivian Dawson’s parents at New Zealand. This spark off speculations if the couple is planning to get married.When the 27-year-old model attended an SK-II Men promotion event, he was grilled about Jolin’s visit to New Zealand. Asked about his parents’ impression of Jolin, Vivian said, “They found her okay. My family is very friendly‘.Although this was the first time Vivian’s parents met his diva girlfriend, his mother was extremely pleased with her. “My mum is happy that there is finally someone who can communicate with her in Chinese‘.Vivian also revealed his parents did not know he was dating a superstar. Only when four Chinese fans recognised Jolin did his parents realised she was a pop singer, reported Apple Daily and Yes Entertainment.Did his parents urge him to get married? Vivian replied, “Of course no‘.As Jolin is of a marriageable age at 32, will Vivian consider tying the knot soon? Vivian defended his girlfriend and replied, “She is not that old. If you say old again, the next time I see you I will ‘¦‘¦(making a slaying action)‘.His action made everyone burst into laughter.

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