Vivian Chow cancels concert plans due to fear of poor sales

9 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Vivian Chow has cancelled her plans of an upcoming concert this August.

Instead, the 46-year old singer and actress has decided she will film a romantic movie titled 'Café Waiting Love' in Taiwan, according to a post on

According to insiders, the cancellation is partly due to the sudden death of Cheung Yiu Wing, who was the founder of Yiu Wing Entertainment Ltd.

In addition, Vivian’s concert in 2011 was not well received, and her husband’s billiard business is not going well.

After fading from the spotlight in 1997, Vivian did not make any prominent public appearances until 2006 during her Back For Love concerts.

Originally intending to hold a concert this August, Vivian’s plans were disrupted by the death of the entertainment company’s founder in March.

A source revealed, “Mr. Cheung never cared about how much money the concerts earned, as long as things were happy.

After his death, the company was handed over to someone else who prioritized financial profits.

Someone told Vivian that if her tickets don’t sell well, there is a need to make adjustments to her remuneration.

She believes there is a risk associated and thus cancelled the concert.

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