Vincent Wong's face turns red after being slapped 24 times by Susan Tse

14 November 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

This isn't Vincent Wong's first time portraying a rich boy, but in TVB anniversary series Will Power, he indeed stood out.

In the series, Gilbert (Vincent) has a smart lawyer girlfriend Eugene (Fala Chen), but didn't cherish her and even had an affair with NaNa (Sire Ma).

After his mother (Susan Tse) finds out about his affair and him doing drugs, she angrily smacked him 24 times.

Last year in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles, Vincent had a record of 13 slaps by Damian Lau, who played his father.

The '13 slaps' became a big discussion topic among Netizens, but to our surprise, this year Vincent breaks that record in Will Power.

When his mother (Susan) finds out about his drug addiction, she angrily slaps him 24 times, each slap was loud and forceful.

Netizens saw Vincent's face turning red as he got slapped and felt bad for him, reports HKChannel.

Some teased him, saying that he should be used to being slapped. Vincent knows his role Gilbert is just too naughty and deserves those slaps.

Yesterday he posted a photo on Weibo of him touching his face: "Mother! Sorry! You have to deal with such a bad boy!"

Susan Tse comforted him: "Good boy, did mom hurt you? Give you a kiss!"

Vincent replied: "No pain, no pain! Bad boys deserved to get hit! There will be more to come!"

Vincent accepted an interview and recalled they had to film that scene 3 times, reports Mingpao.

He said: "The first time, Susan went too easy on me, but if it was just one slap, I could give a reaction, 24 slaps its difficult for me to react.

"I told Susan not to feel bad because I had the experience before. Susan did use force, but she was careful too."

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