Vietnamese hairdresser cuts hair with samurai swords

15 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

This Vietnamese hairdresser, Nguyen Hoang Hung, probably provides the most nerve-wrecking haircut experience one can ever give.

With some skillful swishes, he cuts his customers' hairs -- with a Wakizashi.

The Wakizashi is a Japanese traditional sword shorter than the Katana.

According to Oddity Central via Ngoisao, Hung had learned how to cut hair with the Wakizashi for performances and exhibitions.

However, as more and more customers visiting his salon wanted to get his ‘sword cut’, he has abandoned the scissors altogether.

As dangerous as it sounds, Hung says that the sword is perfectly safe for cutting hair – and that the sword allows him to achieve a unique ‘feathered’ look that would be impossible to replicate with scissors.

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