Vicki Zhao returns to television -- and this time she's terrifying

19 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Vicki Zhao is returning to acting in drama roles, and her new project will raise quite a few eyebrows.

According to a report on JayneStars, the veteran actress is set to star in Tiger Mum as the titular fire-eating mother, a character inspired by Amy Chua's novel Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom.

Despite this, Vicki says that in real life she is not particularly strict with others or with herself. In fact, her four-year-old daughter is the one who orders her husband and herself around.

Vicki says that the strong cast and screenplay of Tiger Mum had proved an irresistable draw. She also felt that the quality of Chinese drama productions had improved greatly in recent years.

Vicki also denied rumours that she had received an exhorbitant paycheck for the role, saying that her pay was 'reasonable' for the job.

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