Vic Chou not getting married until he's financially settled

5 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

A man must be financially ready for marriage.Taiwanese heart-throb Vic Chou, the pin-up boy for legions of female fans, was candid about his concerns about getting hitched.At 19, when he first came to Singapore as part of boy band F4, he told the media that he wanted to get married at 25.Then 25 came and it didn’t happen, and he once again put the word out that he saw himself walking down the aisle at 30.In town on Saturday to promote his latest movie, Saving General Yang, with Hong Kong actor Ekin Cheng and Bruneian actor Wu Chun, Chou, now 32, explained why he hasn’t taken the leap into husbandville yet.Said the actor of Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden (2001) fame in a report on The New Paper: “Coming from a single-parent family, I have seen and gone through many things.“As men, we have to be the breadwinner of the family so that we can give our kids the best.“This is part of the Asian culture. We aren’t Westerners who believe more in letting their children be independent at a younger age.“I must be financially equipped to provide for my children as I don’t want them to grow up and be bitter about the things they can’t have.“To me, providing is not about the present or even the next 10 years ‘“ I’m looking at the next 20 to 30 years.“When I’m ready (for marriage), I’ll go for it.‘Chou, who is linked to 25-year-old Taiwanese actress-model Reen Yu, has been tight-lipped on their relationship.He admitted that he wouldn’t rule out getting married in secret as he is fiercely protective of his privacy.In Taiwan, the paparazzi have snapped pictures of Yu at his apartment and Chou said that this has upset him greatly.“I try my best not to speak of my personal life to the media because when I did it before, I heard people saying that all I did was talk about myself and not promote the show which the interview was for.“Taking pictures of my house was bad enough, what’s worse is that some Taiwanese reporters are hounding me about my love life whenever they see me.“That’s why I love coming to Singapore as there’s respect shown to actors here, and this makes me feel stress-free.‘He’ll be a fine dadWhen Chou is ready to get hitched and become a dad, chances are he’ll be a fine one. After all, he is quite the baby whisperer.In Saving General Yang, he plays the third of seven sons on a mission to save their captured father (General Yang played by veteran Hong Kong actor Adam Cheng).Ekin Cheng plays the eldest brother and Wu Chun the sixth, in the movie which premieres here on Thursday.Chou was the only one who had to cradle a baby in a scene where his character bids goodbye to his child before leaving to save his dad.On set, he recounted that the baby was crying and seemed uncomfortable, so filming had to be halted.But after doing research and finding out that infants rely mostly on their sense of smell as their vision hasn’t been fully developed yet, he asked the baby’s mother to stand next to him.His idea was to have the mother’s scent mixed with his so that the baby would get used to it.It worked like a charm and when he next cradled the child, the scene was done in one smooth take.

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