Viann Zhang is not afraid of anything -- except one animal

12 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

After confirming her breakup with mainland Chinese actor Li Chen (李晨) on her Weibo blog, Viann Zhang (張 馨予) suffered backlash from netizens. Li Chen’s popularity helped boost the exposure rate of Viann during their dating relationship, but at the price of damaging rumors over Viann’s past.

On September 8, Viann uploaded a photo of herself in tears on her Weibo, writing, “There will be a day when the pain you have suffered will end up assisting you. Life will never deliberately owe anyone. It gives you a shadow, but this shadow will definitely cast rays of sunlight nearby. I am a heroine. Aside from rats, I am not afraid of anything.”

The post attracted over 33,500 comments. Though Viann’s fans were very vocal about offering her their support, many netizens declared that they did not feel sorry for Viann at all. Some called her fake; others expressed their sorrow for Li Chen, claiming that Viann only used the Saving General Yang <忠烈楊家將> actor for publicity. One netizen wrote, “Whatever, just don’t go back to Ron Ng (吳卓羲)!”

A Weibo tag, titled “Viann Zhang Get Out of the Entertainment Industry” also attracted over 10,183 supporters, reports Jayne Stars.

On September 10, Viann released a statement to the press, in response to the uproar over her breakup with Li Chen:

“I am unreasonable, immature, and my drive for independence is strong. At this stage I have also placed all of my efforts into my work. I did not even have plans for marriage in the past two years.

"But he is mature; his career is stable, yet he always tolerated me. He was very good to me. Everything he did for me was out of caring for me. He was there for me when I was going through the lowest point of my life. When we were together, I had a shoulder I could rest on. I am thankful to have walked every step with him.

"Sometimes, I would feel that he was too tolerant of me; he had suffered, and I can no longer bear the weight of his greatness. I cannot give him a marriage. Love takes two people. If we cannot continue our journey together, we can choose to break up. Do not deceive and waste time.

"Like what was said earlier: I am a bad woman. He is a good man, and I do not deserve him. Everything was my fault. Please, only scold me. Do not implicate those who were not involved.

“The steps I have taken to come here was not easy. However, I never had to rely on anyone to get my movie deals. Ask anyone who has collaborated with me before – I just improve with time. There was no gangway. As for my hard work and career, time will prove everything.

"Finally, after speaking this, I will not respond to any questions regarding my private life, and I hope that the media will not ask further questions. I will only concentrate on filming. Thank you!”

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