Verdict's out for Kai Ko over his drug taking: Find out what he got off with

17 October 2014 / 2 years 5 days ago

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has escaped prosecution for now in Taiwan over his drug taking in China last August.

The Taipei District Prosecutors Office on Wednesday allowed him to pay for drug addiction treatment at a hospital as a condition for deferred prosecution, the United Daily News reported.

The 23-year-old was arrested in Beijing on Aug 14 along with Hong Kong actor Jaycee Chan for alleged use of marijuana.

Ko appeared for the court session and told reporters afterwards: "Because the test results matched my statement, there was no need for me to undergo supervised rehabilitation."

The UDN newspaper said Ko had admitted to having smoked marijuana twice in China and that he got the drug from Chan.

Hair analysis detected that the marijuana use was in China and no other drugs were taken, it added. The prosecution therefore believed his statement to be true.

During the two years of deferred prosecution, Ko has to report as scheduled at the hospital and to a probation officer and take regular urine tests.

If he misses any appointment without a reason, deferred prosecution could be dropped and the case could go to trial.

He was detained for 14 days in Beijing after his arrest. He was later released and returned to Taiwan.

"I know I should not do marijuana again," he told reporters.

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