Vanness Wu says Jerry Yan is immature and it's exhausting being his friend

4 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

F4′s popularity skyrocketed after the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden that they starred in was very successful across Asia. Although each member has their individual careers and are no longer performing as a group, many fans still hold fond memories of F.

Recently, Vanness Wu attended a variety programme and recalled his friendship with his other band members, reports Yes Entertainment via Asianpopnews.

Commenting on his band members, Vanness said, “Vic Chou is very humorous. Ken Zhu is very straight forward. As for Jerry Yan, he is immature.

When asked to elaborate on his comment on Jerry, Vanness replied candidly, “It’s tough and exhausting to be his friend, but it’s all worth it.”

From Vanness’ statement, it appears that he shares a deep bonding with Jerry. Jerry is also the only F4 member who turned up at Vanness’ wedding in January.

The newly-wed Vanness also talked about his intimacy with his wife. After he was baptised as a christian , he abstained from sex for a few years until he was married.

“After I am married, I truly understand that such thing is a form of love which you can only cherish and interact with your significant half. You can only experience such intimacy with your other half in this world.”

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