Vanness Wu explains why F4 members did not attend his wedding

12 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Last month, 35-year-old Vanness Wu (吳建豪) and 31-year-old Singaporean heiress, Arissa Cheo (石貞善), held a grand wedding banquet at The Resort Pelican Hill in Los Angeles, inviting close friends and family. The couple had registered for marriage in Singapore in early November.

Vanness maintained a low profile after the wedding and stayed out of the spotlight. On December 10, the actor and singer made his first appearance at public event in Taiwan. Vanness happily shared his thoughts on post-marriage life, and the former F4 member, who once claimed to be a born-again virgin, exclaimed happily that he finally “turned the engines on” during his marriage night.

Asked if he and Arissa are planning to have any children, Vanness said, “That’s definitely going to be part of the plan, but I want things to naturally take its course. We are married, so there’s no need to wait that long, but I hope to first better grasp our tacit understanding of each other before starting anything else.”

Though Arissa is currently staying in Taiwan with Vanness, he regrettably explained that he never had the time to take Arissa around, but she did resort to spending more time with their two dogs. According to a Jayne Stars report, Vaness said with a smile: “She takes care of them really well and I am very thankful.”

Vanness did not invite many close friends in the industry to attend his wedding, not even his F4 members Jerry Yan (言承旭), Vic Chou (周渝民), and Ken Chu (朱孝天), implying that the trio were too occupied with their schedules. However, Vanness did invite Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒), who performed before the couple and their guests at the wedding banquet.

Asked if Vanness plans to hold a second wedding for his friends in Taiwan, he immediately said, “Doesn’t that seem a bit too much? It’s tiring!” However, he added that they would be holding another banquet in Singapore, and said, “If they are good friends they will understand no matter what and will come to wherever it is being held.”

Realizing what he said, Vanness immediately clarified, “It’s actually okay if some friends can’t make it. I really don’t mind. It’s more important to give best regards.”

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