Vanness Wu blows top and flares up at nosy reporters for asking about Arissa Cheo

12 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Source: AsiaOne

Fervent speculation on the state of Taiwanese actor-singer Vanness Wu and Singaporean socialite Arissa Cheo's marriage have reached a new high, after a recent Instagram post uploaded by Arissa last week seemed to indicate all was not well in their union.

According to The New Paper on July 6, Arissa posted a picture which said: "I may not be completely happy with where I am in life right now, but I am grateful for everything I've been blessed with."

She added in the caption, which seemed to make references to Van Ness: "simply being in love with the idea of something, being consistently idealistic and havin your head up in the clouds is never gonna work, especially when some people only want something that they never even sincerely n genuinely wanted/needed, keep doing weird-ass things that are justified in their own overtly self-righteous ways (which ironically, are completely unbiblical) that completely go against instead of working hard on building up."

The 33-year-old jewellery designer continued: "I've sucked it up and kept silent, been there done that, while I ended up being vilified as the 'cheater' and 'wild party girl' who's 'not good enough'."

"U won't even begin to know what the truth is on all that. and now I just keep lashing out from all the years of lies, deceit, pent-up frustration and prolonged emotional abuse, looking like the fool and yes it becomes my fault too in this aspect, which I know I need to stop."

As if in response Wu, 36, posted a picture on his Instagram account the same day which read: "What if we all love each other", accompanied by the caption "Seriously".

At a press conference in Hong Kong for his new movie on Wednesday (July 8), Van Ness reportedly flared up when reporters asked about the status of his marriage.

According to entertainment site On.CC, he retorted: "What? I will not comment on my private life. Thank you for your concern."

But when another journalist ventured further to ask if the rumours surrounding his marriage were affecting his mood, Van Ness reportedly blew his top and said: "If the questions continue, perhaps it will!"

However, Vanness later ranted on Instagram that the report had blown his comments out of proportion and he was only "making a joke".

Vanness' manager also clarified that his "What?" was meant to be light-hearted, but it was misinterpreted as anger towards the reporters.

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