Vanity Fair denies photoshopping Prince William's hair

18 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

By: Latashni Gobi Nathan
Source: The New Paper 

You might do a double take when you pick up a copy of August's Vanity Fair.

The cover features the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge, Catherine and Prince William with baby Prince George.

We all know that Prince William has "a little" bit of a balding problem, which seemed like the total opposite on the cover.

Vanity Fair has been accused of altering the Prince's bald spot drastically, which they deny.

"We did not Photoshop the cover to make Prince William appear to have more hair," a Vanity Fair spokesperson tells E! News.

"We gave the image a poster-like palette. We added some shadow to Prince William to make the white type more legible, and to place more emphasis on Prince George."

This isn't the first time an edit by a publication has caused some controversy.

It does make you wonder what else big publications enhance or tone down to make their covers look print perfect.

The picture, though edited and cropped to keep the focus off of the Prince's hair, still displays an immense amount of love the couple and their firstborn share.

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