US man spends over $50k on bizarre obsession: Can you guess what?

25 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Kevin, 27, who resides in a Chicago suburb, has been addicted to the full body bandages for the past 21 years and admits that his bizarre fixation on them has become 'ridiculous'.

'I don't have any broken bones, but I'm addicted to putting orthopedic casts on my body,' he says in the show.

'I'm perfectly fine, perfectly healthy. I like the feeling of the cast around me. I've done two full arm casts, two full leg casts.

I've done two full leg casts and an arm cast. I've put on so many casts, it's ridiculous.'

Kevin, who has spent a whopping $50,000 on the eccentric hobby, explains that his casts make him feel 'so snug and so comfortable', while the act of putting them on gives him a physical rush.

'It gives me this high that I just can't really get any other way. My blood starts pumping and I get really nervous. It's just a rush.' Kevin's bizarre obsession with casts began in early grade school.

'At about six or seven years old, I used to steal all my parents' toilet paper and wrap up my legs in toilet paper to mimic a cast.'

Kevin was 12 when he wore his first real cast, after breaking his arm in a rollerblading accident, and became fascinated with the attention it brought him, reports Asian Town via The Daily Mail.

'I absolutely love the attention I get,' he said. 'I use crutches, I use a scooter, I use a wheelchair, whatever it takes.'

Kevin enjoys being gawked at when he wears his casts in public - in fact, he brings one with him everywhere he goes.

'You never know when there's going to be a need to put on a cast,' he says. In a preview for the episode, he's even seen showing off one of his casts to impress women in a bar and admits that he sometimes pretends that he's really injured.

'Girls are constantly coming up to me, like, "Oh what did you do, you poor thing,"' he says.

However, when he tells one woman about his addiction, she responds that wearing casts for fun is 'weird' and that she's not interested.

A second episode that airs tonight follows the story of Evelyn, a 27-year-old woman in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, who drinks air freshener every day.

'What I love about drinking air freshener is the taste,' she reveals. 'In the last three years, there's not a day that I've not had it.'

Evelyn discovered the habit by accident, when an automatic air freshener sprayed the rim of her glass as she was walking by. 'It was a flavor that I liked,' she recalls.

Evelyn goes through 20 cans of air freshener a week, which is comparable to what an average hotel uses.

Her fiance, Ricky, doesn't understand her obsession, but enables her anyway, buying her fresh cans.

Ricky says he sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night and catches her spraying it in her mouth. He even lets her spray it in his own mouth.

'It's nasty, it's disgusting, but she loves it and I love her, so therefore I just have to deal with it.'

Sydney, a woman who is obsessed with having the world’s longest neck, is also profiled in the episode.

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