Uproar over Ah Boys to Men actor who slapped GF

5 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Actor Ridhwan Azman of Ah Boys To Men fame has come under fire for slapping his 18-year-old girlfriend Luna.

STOMPers Yvonne, Yakushi and Jonathan sent in photos of the incident that is trending on social media sites like Twitter.

STOMPer Yvonne said:

"An Ah Boys to Men actor slapped his girlfriend, a rising YouTube star, on her face last week.

"This has caused an uproar among their fans

"The couple was seen having a heated argument at publics places such as clubs and *SCAPE where he was spotted pushing her.

"The photos I've sent in are trending on social media sites like Twitter.

"I just feel it's unethical for a guy to use violence against a girl."

STOMPer Jonathan also commented on the incident, saying:

"This Ah Boys to Men actor, Ridhwan Azman apparently claims that he loves and cares for his girlfriend.

"However, his action of abusing his girlfriend has brought Ah Boys to Men's reputation down."

STOMPer Yakushi, who also sent in screenshots of the incident, said:

"He is so proud of who he is.. and he thinks he is so powerful.

"So what if he is an actor? This doesn't allow him to whack his girlfriend."

According to an article in The Straits Times, the incident appears to have taken place last Thursday, according to the 19-year-old actor's Twitter posts.

It is uncertain as to how the argument came about but according to screengrabs of Luna's SMSes to her friends, she had been crying and saying that she did not want to go with him to meet his friends.

That apparently angered Ridhwan, who "hit", "slapped", "pushed", and "strangled" her before he lay down on a grass patch and refused to budge, the messages said.

He has since apologised close to 10 times on the microblog for his actions.

In his post on Saturday, titled "I Love This Girl", he wrote that "I know my mistake", and "there's no reason why anyone should hit girls".

Photos in the gallery have been edited by the STOMPers.

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