Union J's Josh Cuthbert once had GF dump him for his best friend

11 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Josh Cuthbert once had sex "on a tree".

The Union J singer admits he enjoys making love outdoors and in unusual places.

Asked the weirdest place he had had sex, he said: "In a car. No, on a tree."

And the 22-year-old singer also admitted he once ended a relationship after realising he was more attracted to his girlfriend's mother.

Discussing the worst thing he'd done in a relationship, he said: "I once started fancying my ex-girlfriend's mum more than her."

However, the 'Beautiful Life' singer claims he is usually the "dumpee" in relationships and once had a girl leave him for his best friend.

He recalled to heat magazine: "When I was at school, I came back from a weekend in Paris and my girlfriend was going out with my best friend. She didn't even tell me when I got back."

Discussing his biggest turn-offs, Josh admitted he hates it when a woman gets food caught in their teeth.

He said: "I hate when someone has something in their teeth. I find that really awkward, because you don't know whether you should tell them or not."

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