Unemployed no more: Coffee Lam finds work after being fired by TVB

19 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Coffee Lam received her first job offer after being terminated by TVB due to a 30-minute public toilet scandal, reported Jaynestars.

The 24-year-old was seen looking in good spirits and decked out in full yoga gear at a shopping mall earlier this week.

The yoga enthusiast's first job since the incident was to teach the holistic exercise in front of a crowd at a shopping centre.

She taught the audience a series of exercises by demonstrating each move, according to Jaynestars, and was unafraid to arouse talk about the restroom scandal.

The young starlet even joked that she is “out for a gathering with everyone.”

When asked if the scandal has created more jobs and opportunities for her, Coffee said: “It’s a blessing in midst of all the trouble. Although the incident cost my entire image, at least a lot more people now know who I am.”

She was also quick to reiterate once again that she is not using the scandal as a publicity stunt.

She had expressed those sentiments previously at a press conference.

Coffee admitted that her salary has increased and she is now paid more for event appearances.

Despite these beneficial outcomes, she still highly regrets the restroom incident.

“I’ll have to face it since it already happened. At first, I was scared to turn to the crowd. I haven’t seen everyone for a long while.”

Coffee added that Will Lam sent her a text message because he was worried about her situation.

Coffee Lam
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