Unedited photos of Girls’ Generation’s YoonA amaze netizens

10 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Photos of Girls’ Generation‘˜s YoonA on the set of a commercial filming have surfaced online.According to and article in Allkpop, an online community board put up the photos above under the title, “YoonA’s in-person beauty that I ran into on the street.‘The photos show YoonA filming a commercial in front of a gas station, with the pubic admiring her stunning looks.In the photos, she looks gorgeous as always in a yellow blouse, white skirt, and white heels. She looks shy about filming in public, and even covered her face in one of the pictures, but she handled it professionally, smiling wide for the camera.Netizens commented, “She looks the same in real life,‘ and “She’s so happy and cute.‘What do you think of YoonA’s unedited pictures?Photos 1 to 3 of the gallery show these unedited photos of YoonA when she was filming a commercial, while photos 4 and 5 show her shocking style from the past. Other photos in the gallery include a Malaysian girl who bears striking resemblance to YoonA, and other related photos.

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