Underweight G.Na finally puts some meat on her bones

13 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Soloist G.NA is in the midst of increasing her weight to bring out a more healthy image on stage.G.NA is currently aiming to increase her body weight by 5kg and training a more flexible body prior to the release of her new album on the 14th. This is because she wants to show a healthy as well as sexy side of herself on stage.G.NA is building her body with more than 2,000 rope jumps, Yoga, stretching and various more exercise plans, reported StarNews.Recently on a health management program, G.NA was diagnosed as being underweight and was facing malnutrition. The star then puts in more effort in her diet to manage her body better.G.NA’s representative expressed to Star News on the 10th, “As G.NA prepares for her new album, she made effort in deciding her diet. She’s taking care of her health as much as her diet too‘, he revealed.G.NA’s new album title ‘˜Beautiful Kisses’ refers to the message that can be found at the last line of a normal letter. Also, it signifies that the whole album tracks contain the overwhelming feelings found in a love letter.Title track ‘˜Oops!’ will be a bouncy dance song that shows off G.NA’s vocals along with an impressively fresh melody. Male group BTOB’s Jung IlHoon will be featuring his raps as well.Related stories:K-pop star G.NA steals the show at Courts Megastore in TampinesG.NA flaunts her sexy figure at Star Hwabo press conferenceG.NA has grown used to the public's obsession over her D-cup chest

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