The unbelievable way INFINITE fans tried to fake access into idols' press conference

2 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

INFINITE's Woohyun apologized for the actions of his fans.

According to allkpop, On the 1st, INFINITE held a press conference for their movie "Grow: INFINITE's Real Youth Life'.

However, because of fans who pretended to be part of the media, the press conference had to be stopped for 20 minutes.

The producers received applications from the media, but fans used the names of media outlets that no longer exist to pretend to be press.

Some fans even made fake business cards.

Because fans had taken over the press seats, the press could not actually interview INFINITE to the point where the distributors said, "If you are INFINITE's fan, please help us."

In the end, the fans left so the press conference could go on.

Woohyun apologized for his fans, saying, "It's cold and a shameful thing happened, and we'll apologize in their stead."

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