Una Foden worried daughter wants real pony

25 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Una Foden is worried her daughter will ask for a real pony.

The Saturdays star is concerned her 23-month-old daughter Aoife Belle - whom she has with her husband Ben - will want a real horse because she's taken a liking to jumping on people's backs and pretending she's riding the four-legged animal.

Writing in a blog post for Hello! magazine, she said: "Every day she becomes more and more playful. The other day I was cleaning up and picking up her toys, and she jumped on me, pretending I was a horse!

"I think she plays that a lot with her grandmother and thought I wanted to play, so I went along with it. She absolutely loved it - I'm a bit worried she's going to ask us for a real pony!

"Luckily, we have a big antique rocking horse that Ben's mother got her, so we can give her that, but at the moment she's still a bit too small, I worry she would fall off!"

The toddler has also got into the habit of calling her father by his first name, Ben, rather than saying, 'Daddy' after she heard Una, 32, shouting out his moniker recently.

Una explained: "Aoife did something really cute the other day. Ben was watching television and I was in the kitchen calling out to him, but he didn't hear me. Suddenly, Aoife ran in and yelled, 'Ben!' at him, and found it so much fun she didn't stop.

"Since then he keeps protesting, 'I'm daddy! Not Ben! daddy!' but she's not having it. I'm not going to help him, I think it's funny!"

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