Ulala's Lim Yoon-taek plagued even in death by malicious Internet comments

13 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Hateful online comments toward the late singer Lim Yoon-taek -- who died Monday from gastric cancer -- started to emerge on Tuesday, debasing Lim’s premature death.Korea Herald reported that on humor website Daily Best (Ilgan Best), a netizen posted a picture of Lim’s wife with comments “My husband passed away. I was paid 1 billion won.‘ This appears to be a parody of a life insurance commercial that depicts a wife being paid insurance money after her husband dies.Another posting from the Daily Best featured a picture of the late former President Roh Moo-hyun welcoming Lim. In the picture Roh tells Lim, “You’re new. Sing me a song.‘Each posting received more than 500 “likes‘ on the website, which is notorious for crudeness among its members.This is not the first time Lim became the target of ill-natured comments.After the late singer’s group Ulala Session gained fame by winning the audition program “Superstar K Season 3‘ in 2011, some people questioned his illness and suspected that he was “faking cancer to become popular.‘They claimed that it is impossible for a cancer patient to dance and sing as Lim did, even after Lim’s attending doctor confirmed that the singer was dying.For these doubters, the inspirational performance of Ulala Session that captivated the hearts of many viewers became proof of Lim’s “fake disease.‘The lack of respect caused a furor among many Internet users.“They stepped over the line. They’re insane,‘ said one user on Tuesday. Another user decried the insults and said, “Those people should all be quarantined from society.‘An official from Lim’s agency said, “Yoon-taek always told me, ‘˜The people who post those comments are fans, too.’‘¦ He said he doesn’t mind, because they (comments) have always been there.‘He added that the agency will respect Lim’s wishes and will not press charges against the netizens.Lim’s funeral will be held at the Yonsei Severance Hospital on Thursday.

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