Uh oh! You won't believe the reason Karena Ng had to rush to see Raymond Lam in Hengdian

25 June 2015 / 1 year 4 months ago

Raymond Lam had an 'accident' while filming new series, The Door and dislocated his left ankle. 

All along, Raymond understood that it was important to be extra cautious before filming important scenes.

Before filming the scene a few days ago, Raymond leg stepped onto crushed stones and his left ankle was dislocated as a result, reports Asian E- News Portal

At that moment, he assumed it was small matter and the crew team helped him to bandage the wound and he returned to hotel for resting thereafter.

However, Raymond had intense pain upon waking up on the following day but he continued filming the scene personally.

After the filming, he then went to hospital for x-ray and check-up and discovered his ankle had a crack, and the doctor told him to rest for at least 6 weeks in order to have full recovery.

At that point, Raymond Lam's girlfriend, Karena Ng was filming movie in Mainland China and immediately travelled to Hengdian to look at him upon knowing his injury.

With the tender loving care from Karena BB, Raymond almost forgot his leg pain.

As for having injury before filming important scene, Raymond expressed he felt bad and decided to continue to film action scene personally but only used substitute for certain scenes.

He said: "I feel bad and the action scene cannot be amended. I still need to film the scene by myself although there is substitute."

Raymond also felt grateful to the crew team for specially arranging few male hunks to carry him in and out so as to prevent worse injury. Raymond Lam's Fan Club immediately went to the filming upon knowing their idol's injury. By right, outsiders were not supposed to enter but the crew team eventually made an exception as they understood his fans' concern.

50 of his fans even bought stuff to reduce dehydration, drinks and cooling gel sheets to express their gratitude to the crew team for taking care of Raymond.

Finally, Raymond took photo together with his fans despite his injury when going up to the tour bus in crutch.

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