'Ugly' and 'weird' Miss Hong Kong contestants speak up

18 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

This year's Miss Hong Kong hopefuls who were labelled as 'ugly' and 'weird', by online media sources, have now undergone their second round of interviews yesterday (June 17).

According to an article in Popular Asians, TVB narrowed down its candidates, inviting roughly 60 back for second round interviews today.

Top favorites Virginir Lau, Karen Lam, and Sisley returned as expected, though Jenny, a Laurinda Ho  lookalike, was nowhere to be seen.

TVB executive Tsang Sing Ming explained that several candidates did not wish to appear in newspapers, so the company arranged for them to attend the interview without first meeting the press.

Regarding earlier reports that the candidates were required to have their chests examined, Tsang explained that the staff was making sure that the contestants’ swimwear was not enhanced per pageant rules.

Tsang added that the 16 to 18 finalists selected will be announced in early July.

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant hopefuls spoke once again to reporters at the second round interview. Peggy, who reminded reporters of Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang, was one of the stand-outs today.

Peggy appeared in a light pink top with a pink bow at the chest, and completed the outfit with a simple tan skirt.

Reporters teased Peggy about her more, conservative outfit, telling her that other candidates dressed to show off their cleavages.

Peggy replied with a smile, “I don’t know the length of my ‘˜career line’; I’ve never have it measured.‘

Karen Lam, nicknamed “Busty Cecilia Cheung‘, kept an active Facebook account with various sexy and revealing photos of her and her friends.

She also knew quite a few artists in the entertainment industry, including Michael Miu and Fanny Sit.

Many noted her frequent use of colored lenses in her online photos, but Karen seemed confident in her chances even without the cosmetic enhancements.

“I do not have heavy makeup on. I also didn’t wear colored contact lenses or fake eyelashes [today]. I am confident with my looks even without makeup.‘When asked about her bikini party pictures, Karen defended her lifestyle and vowed to keep her Facebook profile active.

“I am being myself. I will not purposely hide anything. Of course, I will be wearing a swimsuit at the beach‘¦I don’t think it is unreasonable.‘Virginir Lau, who resembles previous Miss Hong Kong second runner-up, Tracy Chu, suffered from a wardrobe malfunction last week.

Successfully entering the second rounds, Virginir opted for a more conservative yellow jumper set. She also refused to respond to the wardrobe incident, and appeared flustered when she walked past her car when being chased by the paparazzi.

Virginir almost boarded the wrong bus, but a helpful reporter alerted her in Mandarin, to which she replied “Really?‘ in accented Cantonese.

Although she did not speak much, Virginir mentioned that she was born in Hong Kong.“Sexy BB‘ Karena Ng lookalike Sisley wore a dark silver top and a black skirt, showing off her slim legs.

During the first round interviews, Sisley was seen wearing a black see-through top showing her bra.

She shared that she only applied mascara and was without makeup otherwise.

There also appears to be a bruise on her left arm that was not previously present.When asked about a private photo where she appeared intimate with her boyfriend in Germany, Sisley said, “That is already in the past. I am not dating at the moment.‘ When asked if she has gained confidence since being marked as one of the most popular candidates, Sisley said that being popular is not always a good thing.Several other candidates also caught the media’s attention today.

Twenty-four year old Xenia wowed reporters in a short one piece dress, showing off her full curves.

Xenia was the last contestant to arrive at the shuttle stop, though she stopped for press interviews anyway and was eventually, rushed by TVB staff.

Rika Lau also made the news due to her impressive academic credentials.

She revealed that she had studied at the University of Cambridge in England and is currently majoring in law.

She shared that she is studying law only out of interest and has no intention to become a lawyer.

Nineteen-year-old Acca wore a light green dress and showcased her sweet smile.

However, she refused to reveal her last name with the excuse that she did not want friends to recognize her.

Photos 1 to 10 of the gallery show some of the girls that were shortlisted by TVB for the second round of interviews, while the rest of the gallery show other contestants in the earlier stages that were labelled as 'ugly' and 'weird' by netizens.

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