UEE: 'Male celebs don't like me because I have no charm'

11 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

UEE revealed she had a problem because of her lack of 'aegyo' -- ladylike charm, for non-Korean speakers.

According to a report in Soompi.com, she was a guest on the September 10 episode of 'Incarnation', when the MCs asked her, "You're very pretty and charming, but you came first for the least amount of popularity among male stars. To be honest, we can't believe it."

UEE replied, "Ah.. what is this? This gives me a bad feeling."

She confessed, "I have no aegyo. Because of that, I'm famous for not being popular to male celebrities. I've never even gotten calls from male celebrities. Maybe I have a scary image?"

Seungyeon was also a guest. As UEE's close friend, she revealed, "Before, I heard that UEE was the biggest thing among male celebrities. I met UEE and asked, 'I heard you're really popular lately... Don't you have any fun news to share?', and UEE made a very sad face and said, 'I really have nothing'."

UEE even tried to follow MC Kim Hee Sun's aegyo, but she says it didn't quite work out for her.

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