U-KISS's Eli calls NS Yoon-G's teaser 'dirty' on Twitter

31 March 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

K-Pop idols often discuss their relationships with one another, and recently some idols took to Twitter to entertain their fans with a friendly conversation.

U-KISS's Eli, NS Yoon-G, and Eric Nam had a friendly conversation on Twitter that including Eli expressing shock at NS Yoon-G's latest teaser video, and Eric and Eli seeing how each other is doing.

Eric also had a shout out for Super Junior M's Henry, who retweeted the teaser videofor Eric's new song, although Henry wasn't involved in the larger conversation.

According to an article on Kpopstarz, NS Yoon-G started the whole event, tweeting that she and Eli would be on Tastyroad the next day.

Eli then tweeted the second teaser for NS Yoon-G's upcoming song 'Asasi,' and commented on how much black she was wearing. He then followed up by tweeting laughter and calling the teaser "dirty!" because the teaser is very sexy.

Yoon-G responded by shouting in jest at Eli, and Eric spotted the whole conversation and laughed at them.

The three idols have all worked at Arirang television station in Seoul because they've all spent time in the United States and are fluent in English.

Even though they haven't publicly displayed their friendship in the past like some idols have (such as Super Junior's Heechul being best friends with F.T. Island's Hongki,) their interactions on Twitter revealed that the three idols have a friendly relationship.

The conversation continued with Eli calling out to Eric in English, and commenting on a duet between Eric and Eli's fellow U-Kiss member Kevin on After School Club, an Arirang television show.

"Hello there i saw your duet with kev you two look cute together haha ;)" tweeted Eli, retweeing Eric's response to Eli's and Yoon-G's conversation.

Eric responded by laughing at Eli's comment, and say "what" followed by "how are you doing?"

Eli responded that he was doing well, and then asked his hyung (older brother in Korea, meaning Eric) how he was doing. Eric responded that he's well, and added that he'd see Eli soon.

Not to be left out, solo artist and Super Junior M member Henry Lau got in on the act and retweeted Eric's music video teaser. Eric responded cutely in English with "thanks brooooooo ^^"

Although a lot of idols use Twitter to interact with fans, it's uncommon to see idols interact with one another, let alone several idols have a conversation.

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