Thai girls get their faces remodelled on Korean TV show: See how they look

13 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Thai girls Nichakorn Kuchachit and Nisanat Tangdat beat out 2,000 other applicants to be sponsored by a popular Korean TV show called “Let Me In”, where participants go for an extreme make over.

Episode 4 of “Let Me In” was a special episode, where the Korean producers flew over to Bangkok to select two lucky thai girls, to bring them to Korea for the surgery makeover, according to Coconuts Bangkok.

Nichakorn revealed that due to her face, she was nicknamed “monkey” by her peers. She said they called her that because she had a long chin.

The show’s doctors had also pointed out her flaws: a crooked collarbone, and misaligned teeth that caused her chin to stick out.

Nichakorn had fat-fillers injected into her forehead, a jawbone adjustment, a nose job, breast implants and ear surgery.

During the check-up, the doctors made a surprising discovery: They found a tumor in her chest. They removed the tumor during surgery.

Nisanat, the second guest, had five millimeter under-bite that caused her jaw to protrude.

Her lower dental arch overlapped the top one by five millimeters, which also made her face appear longer.

The show’s doctors said that Nisanat’s face appeared too skinny, and had the nose tip of a man.

Nisanat received a fat injection to her forehead, a V-line surgery, jaw bone adjustment, eye and nose surgery.

Take a look at the gallery to see how Nichakorn and Nisanat has been transformed by plastic surgery.

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