TVB refuses to accept Linda Chung and Philip Ng's relationship for this odd reason

10 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Since Linda Chung’s debut, she has enjoyed a smooth sailing entertainment career. 

However, due to her romantic relationship with boyfriend Philip Ng, Linda was purportedly frozen by TVB as well as Voice Entertainment.

Despite reports that claimed Linda was fed up with Philip’s lackluster career and finally broke up with him after dating for eight years, the couple is still together and decided to take their relationship underground.

Although Linda has maintained her good image in the past decade, TVB refuses to allow her to acknowledge her relationship with Philip openly due to the disparity in their star status.

The company hoped she will prioritize her career over her love life.

With immense pressure coming from TVB, Linda decided to handle her romance as quietly as possible,  reports Jayne Stars.

Resorting to wearing face masks during dates in the past, Linda and Philip hoped that no one would recognize them.

An insider revealed, “Gossip reports claim that Linda dumped Philip for her career. Linda is a very loyal person and already sees Phillip as her marriage partner. Linda has said before that [she] dates with marriage in mind. Sometimes they have little quarrels, but they handle them quite maturely. Besides, they have always been very sweet. I’ve never heard of them giving each other the cold shoulder.”

After rumors spread that Linda and Philip have broken up, her workload began to increase.

Linda sang a sub song for the Cantonese version of popular Mainland drama The Empress of China and will star in an upcoming drama with Bosco Wong.

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