TVB plans to fire actress caught behaving indecently with guy in toilet

24 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

TVB actress Coffee Lam’s public restroom scandal caused a stir recently. and Ming Pao reports via Jayne Stars that after getting caught in the mall restroom with heir Will Lam, Coffee was criticized for her loose and unethical behavior.

TVB executive Virginia Lok was asked to comment on Coffee’s behavior at a dinner event. Clearly displeased, Ms. Lok revealed TVB will likely terminate the 24-year-old’s management contract.

Coffee left for Mainland China soon after the scandalous news surfaced, and will return to meet with TVB soon.

Ms. Lok said, “We have spoken with the company, and have reached a consensus with the legal department. Everything will be discussed thoroughly with her tomorrow. Like I said before, an artiste’s personality and conduct are very important. This time, her situation is quite serious.”

Asked if this meant TVB has plans to fire Coffee, Ms. Lok replied, “We do have plans [to do so], but she will get a chance to explain tomorrow. However, it depends on whether or not TVB accepts her explanation.”

Ms. Lok added angrily that Coffee’s behavior is definitely problematic, “She didn't inform TVB after leaving Hong Kong. Our co-workers learnt she was not in the city through news reports.

"All full-time contracted artistes must notify TVB if they are leaving Hong Kong, but she continuously defied the terms of her contract. She is not allowed to destroy her personal or the company’s image.”

Ms. Lok added that if Coffee has financial problems, they will consider paying her wages until her contract is terminated.

When asked to comment on TVB’s intentions to fire her, Coffee said, “I will try to find out from the company about this decision. I don’t have any comments for now.”

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