TVB news anchor goes on air in tears after catfight with another presenter

10 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Pretty Hong Kong news anchor Connie Wong stunned TV viewers with her red, teary eyes when she went on air.Hong Kong tabloids then dug up stories about a long-standing feud between the 25-year-old and her rival Wendy Cheung, claiming it to be the main cause of her on-air distress. reports Apple Daily and Sharp Daily.Both Connie and Wendy are the fastest rising news anchors in TVB, with a sizeable following online. It was said that Wendy, 28, had thrown her weight around and bullied Connie to tears that day.According to tabloids, news anchor Daniel Yip was supposed to present the news that evening, but following "problems with his hair", the top executives in the department decided to replace him with someone else. Connie and Wendy were on duty then. Connie said she could not make it as she had to record another program, so Wendy agreed to do it instead.Shortly after Connie finished her segment, Wendy, who was in a more senior position, reportedly ordered Connie to present the news, telling her: "It's not whether you can do it or not. Now I'm telling you to do it!"Top executives at TVB are not too happy and have reportedly lectured both news anchors in a closed-door meeting, days after the incident.A tearful Wendy was later seen complaining to her friends on the phone, while, Connie could only manage a feeble smile when approached by the press, reported the Hong Kong media.However, Connie may not be an innocent victim here, according to Wendy's boyfriend, TVB artiste Ronald Law and some of her colleagues at the backstage.Ronald leapt to his girlfriend's defense, hinting that Wendy was the one being bullied instead."(She) never said anything despite being scolded or bullied. If she's like what's reported in the media, she wouldn’t even date a C-list actor (like me)," he wrote on Weibo, implying that Connie used crying as a tactic.Meanwhile, a reader who claimed to be working at the same department, confirmed that Connie and Wendy don't get along."Everyone thinks it's really unfair to Wendy. In recent years we can tell who's really ambitious and it's definitely not Wendy. In contrast, Connie is kind of arrogant at times and not as popular as Wendy among their colleagues."Video: Connie Wong presents the news in tears

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