TV series, bad outfits overshadow Freya Lim and Yisa Yu's concert

6 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: Straits Times OnlinePHOTO: ROCK RECORDSThis should have been called The Fierce Wife concert.The hit Taiwanese series from 2010, about a woman whose marriage crumbles when her husband has an affair with her distant relative, not only made household names of the main leads Sonia Sui and James Wen. It also lifted Freya Lim and Yisa Yu, the singers behind the soundtrack, out of obscurity.Little surprise then that at their concert, the duo gave much airtime to the drama serial, singing all the numbers they recorded on its soundtrack. All the while, the 1,500-strong audience were clearly lapping them up, mouthing the lyrics as they watched scenes from the show on the big screen.Lim's velvety vocals were perfect for break-up ballads Loving You Like This Is Petrifying, soothing the hearts of many hurt by broken romances.Yu's wide vocal range effortlessly took care of the happier numbers, such as Warm Heart, as well as the tearjerker Hopeful.Between the two, the 32-year-old Malaysia-born Lim was the more nervous despite having started her career in 2000, way before Yu launched hers with the Super Girl singing contest in China.In media interviews, she had joked self- deprecatingly of having her stagnant career revived by The Fierce Wife, saying: "I'm a veteran new singer." So her sense of joy and relife was palpable when she completed Serious Injury, doing double duty on vocals and piano, and she exclaimed: "Yes, I did it!"Actually, their vocals were all the concert needed for a great night. Unfortunately, the production went overboard with the wardrobe, featuring ill- fitting costumes and over-the-top headdresses.Yu, 28, had it worse than Lim, with an unflattering white top that bared her back and sides, even unintentionally revealing a sliver of her bra cups. Another yellow, floor-sweeping gown got caught in her shoes. She was visibly distracted and even had to gesture assistants backstage to fix the problem while Lim was singing.

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