TV host Janet Hsieh struggled with binge eating disorder

4 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

SINGAPORE - It was noon, barely a few hours since we'd both crossed the finishing line of a marathon.We were at a market, after the 33-year-old TV host had gone straight from running to filming an episode of Discovery Travel & Living Channel's Fun Asia, reports SHAPE Singapore.As I watched Janet bound from one stall to the next, I couldn't help but wonder where she got all that energy from."Aren't you tired?" I asked. "Not at all," said Janet, "Moving around helps me recover much faster. You don't want to go immediately from being pumped up with adrenalin to a resting state because you could end up feeling sore for days!"That's good advice from the bona fide fitness junkie, whose varied regime reads like a list of you-name-it-she's done-it activities.She runs, swims, surfs, cycles, plays basketball, practises yoga, lifts weights, and more.Janet also takes part in triathlons just for the fun of it: "It suits me more than a marathon because I have a very short attention span. By the time I'm bored with one activity, it's almost time to move on to the next."Her next goal? A decathlon.Fast-forward to the present, and we meet again - this time in Shape Singapore's office.The Texas-born beauty is a vision as she flaunts her sculpted arms and pins in a bathing suit."I love projecting, this sort of sexy but healthy image that appeals to both men and women. Yes, I'm not model-skinny, but I'm athletic and definitely not afraid to show off my muscles," says Janet.Despite the bubbly outlook, Janet confesses she wasn't always the picture of confidence and good health.For three years, she suffered clinical depression and a binge eating disorder (defined as a cycle of uncontrolled eating and restriction). This happened shortly after she left medical school to pursue a modelling career in Taiwan.The gallery below shows skinny celebs.

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