S'pore heiress Arissa Cheo reportedly asked for divorce from Vanness Wu

28 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

It has only been a few months since the popular couple got married, but there seems to be trouble in paradise.

According to ent.qq, Singaporean Arissa Cheo has apparently asked for a divorce from her new husband Vanness Wu, who was famous for being in boyband F4.

The article reports that her reasons for doing so were their vastly different family backgrounds, and also because Vanness is a Christian.

According to Taiwanese media, after the couple officially registered their marriage on Nov 7 last year, it was rumoured very soon after Wu and Cheo's characters were too different.

They had a banquet in Los Angeles, and one in Singapore, a star-studded event on Jan 4.

With both their characters and family backgrounds so different, it resulted in endless quarrels after marriage.

Arissa Cheo was also reportedly too 'wild'.

Last month, the couple also had a public spat via Instagram, which gained the attention of many fans. 

It was reported that Cheo had talked to a good friend about divorce two days ago, crying and saying that she cannot go on in this marriage.

Yesterday (Jan 27), Vanness Wu was in Singapore for an event.

Reporters noted that while he smiled on stage, he immediately turned sullen and said, "it's private" when asked about the alleged divorce. He refused to answer any questions about his personal life.

It was reported that while Vaness and Arissa have been dating since 2006, it was not an easy journey. They have broken up and patched twice, and only finally reconciliated last year in August.

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