Transgender Thai actress takes China by storm after steamy movie scenes

18 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Thai transgender actress, Poy, surged in popularity among Chinese viewers after her steamy appearance in The White Storm <掃毒>.

Poy has recently signed with Hong Kong’s Universe Artist Management, reports Oriental Daily.

The Thai transgender actress will join Gallen Lo (羅嘉良), Elanne Kwong (江若琳), and Jeremy Tsui (徐正曦) under the agency’s talent wing.

Earlier this week, Poy took a direct flight from Thailand to Hong Kong to sign the management contract with Universe executives.

Due to her busy schedule in Thailand, Poy only stayed in Hong Kong for half an hour.

Poy allegedly signed a five-year management contract with Universe and will receive a salary of at least $1 million HKD per year.

Poy has also been cast as the lead actress in an upcoming film directed by Oxide Pang (彭順).

The 27-year-old Poy, also known as Treechada Petcharat, was a male at birth. At the age of 17, he underwent sex reassignment surgery to fulfill his dreams of becoming a woman.

Holding a bachelor’s degree in law, Poy speaks fluent English aside from her native Thai.

She made her debut in the entertainment industry in 2004, when she won the Miss International Queen pageant.

She debuted as an actress in 2008. Poy’s recent role in Hong Kong film, The White Storm, pushed her to greater popularity, and her intimate scenes with Nick Cheung (張家輝) took captivated viewers.

Reports say that Universe plans to push Poy for a longtime acting career in the Chinese market and are encouraging her to learn Mandarin. There are also plans for Poy to release an official photobook.

In an interview with Daniel Lam (林小明), the director of Universe, he praised Poy to be very cooperative and smart.

As for her price, he said, “I can’t talk about that! It’s a business secret. However, she is very professional. We already have a lot of casting offers for her from many film producers.”

Daniel Lam disclosed that Universe is thinking about promoting Poy as an action star. “We are confident in her development,” he said.

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