Top Mandopop acts entertain 5,000 fans at Gardens by the Bay

6 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Taiwan's Spring Wave Music Festival landed on Singapore shores for the first time on May 4, 2013.And the first headlining act to take to the stage at The Meadow at Gardens by the Bay shortly after 3pm was homegrown songbird Olivia Ong.Dressed in a black and white sleeveless top and a yellow skirt, she offered some breezy pop to help beat the heat. She sang her own songs and also covered English pop numbers such as Venus.Teacher James Wong, 41, was there with three other friends and they came well equipped with mats, food and even card games. He said: "The concert is a very long one, so to outlast the concert, we thought we had better be more prepared."It was a hot Saturday, but that did not deter Taiwanese rockers Jam Hsiao, Wu Bai and Chang Chen-yue from letting loose and bringing the house down at the Spring Wave Music Festival.The powerhouse trio managed to get 5,000 concert-goers on their feet, bopping along and waving their light sticks in unison with their signature hits and covers of well-known songs.Held at Gardens by the Bay, the seven-hour extravaganza marks the first time the popular Taiwanese festival, held annually in Kenting, is venturing abroad.Perhaps it was due to the weather - which, by then, had cooled down, thanks to a slight drizzle - or the enthusiastic, fans that got the godfather of Chinese rock, Wu Bai, 45, saying to the crowd with much gusto: "It's my first outdoor concert here in Singapore... I cannot 'lao kui' ("be embarrassed" in Hokkien)."Here are the highlights of the music festival that had its atmosphere transformed from chill, with 37-year-old indie queen Cheer Chen, to a high with the ear-piercing howls of the rockers.Taiwanese singer-songwriter Joanna Wang sure has an, ahem, wicked sense of humour.The 24-year-old lass with dyed blonde tresses sang of wacky tales in songs such as The Rightful Heir, about a young wife plotting to get the riches of her old husband, and Enlightenment, which, in the singer's words, is about "finding meaning in life through losing your brain to television".She then upped the eccentricity a few notches by whipping out a kazoo and blowing into it happily, and also had video-game-inspired electro tunes weaved into her songs.Chang Chen-yue, 38, belted out hits from the 1990s, such as Love Me, Don't Leave Me and Freedom. Fans were equally psyched by his catchy lyrics.Veteran rocker Wu Bai sure knew how to rouse the crowd, getting them to do a Mexican wave in the spirit of the Spring Wave festival.He shared a candid Kodak moment with a fan by reaching into the crowd to grab a smartphone, and, snapped a photo of himself before tossing it back to the fan.Offstage and during interviews, Jam Hsiao, 26, may be known as a reticent man of few words.But when he took the stage yesterday, Hsiao transformed into an Energizer bunny, delivering songs such as Princess and Michael Jackson's Black Or White with his powerful vocals, jumping into the air, spinning around and showing off some spiffy footwork.Hey, it may be a sign that he's ready to put on his dancing shoes more often.

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