Tony Leung hopes to win Best Actress award -- yes, Best Actress

19 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Tony Leung Ka Fai plays a thief named Nine Tailed Fox in the film Horseplay. 

His character specializes in stealing national treasures and is a master in disguise, reports HK Top Ten

Nine Tailed Fox often changes his looks and clothing, and uses different costumes for operations.

In one scene, Tony was dressed in pink and put on sunglasses to look like a rich wife, elegantly sitting next to Kelly Chen's character.

In fact, he was even more attractive than Kelly!

Tony joked that his biggest wish was to win the Best Actress award.

He said, "I have already won Best Actor. After making this film my goal is to win Best Actress. My performance in the film can make history."

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