Tom and Giovanna Fletcher watched Michael McIntyre during labour

15 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna watched Michael McIntyre DVDs and listened to Coldplay during her labour.

The proud mother had the most "amazingly powerful" experience when she opted for a hypnobirth - a series of self-hypnosis and breathing techniques - to deliver her son Buzz last month, and claims being fed jelly beans by her McBusted singer spouse whilst watching the stand-up comedian helped eliminate the pain without drugs.

In her column written for Hello! online, Giovanna revealed: "I can honestly say that my labour was far from the horror stories people love sharing - it was the most amazingly powerful experience I've ever had. I never realised my body was so clever!

"During the final stages I felt like I'd taken every drug known to man clearly hadn't, but I was calm enough to allow my body to produce a whole heap of oxytocin and endorphins with the help of some Michael McIntyre stand-up, singing along to Coldplay albums.

"[Tom] was as encouraging as I knew he would be - stuffing jelly babies into our mouths, rubbing my back and reminding me to breathe anytime a frown appeared on my brow. He anchored me and made sure the day was as we'd hoped it would be."

Giovanna went into labour two weeks early last month after her waters broke during a dinner to celebrate the birthday of Tom's bandmate Danny Jones, and while she is "still learning to find her feet" she is enjoying motherhood.

She added: "[Buzz] is already, without doubt, my greatest achievement in life."

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