Toby Leung secretly splits from husband Aaron Wong

5 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

TVB actress Toby Leung (梁靖琪) confessed that she and husband Aaron Wong (黃敏豪) have divorced and that the couple has kept their split a secret for eight months. 

Meeting in 2011, Toby and Aaron quickly became engaged and married within the same year. 

As TVB producer Tommy Leung’s (梁家树) daughter, Toby’s fifty-three-table wedding banquet was the talk of the town and many thought Toby has finally given up on her partying lifestyle to raise a family. 

Although she had promised her in-laws to have children as soon as possible, Toby spent most of her time instead on her acting career and her wedding planning business, a decision she now regrets. 

While her delay in fulfilling her promise may have caused some tension with her family, her flirty personality may also have played a part in their split. 

Known to get along well with her male co-stars, Toby’s reputation suffered in 2012 when she was seen playing drunken poolside games with Ron Ng (吳卓羲) while dressed in a skimpy bikini in Hainan. 

She received public criticism for her loose behavior and had reportedly angered her husband and her in-laws. Even though Aaron stood by Toby during this ordeal, the incident had surely left a nasty mark in their relationship. 

Some even saw it as an early sign to their marriage’s demise. Although Toby has been on her best behavior since then, the couple’s busy schedules and different lifestyles became too overwhelming. 

Despite multiple attempts to save their marriage, they ultimately decided to split and have lived separately for the past eight months. Reflecting on her brief marriage, Toby thinks that they may have been too impulsive. 

“Now that I think back, we were too quick to decide on marriage. We became engaged and married even though we had known each other for less than a year. 

"We got together before knowing each other well, and are now separated because we know each other too well.” Toby and Aaron remain good friends even though their marriage did not work out. 

The former couple was seen on February 3 celebrating Lunar New Year over hot pot with Toby’s parents. Surrounded by reporters, Aaron graciously posed for photos with his ex-wife without any hint of awkwardness. 

Adapted to their newly single status, they seem content with their current friendship and are not looking to give marriage another try, reports Oriental Daily.

When asked if there is any chance of reconciliation, Toby replied simply, “Let’s not talk about what may happen in the future!”

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