Tired of sweet young things? This K-pop girl group's right up your alley

26 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

While most female Kpop groups are made up of young and single members, this particular one stands out because it seeks to go against the stereotype.

According to a report on Korea Herald, new Kpop group Girl Hood is currently making a splash in the industry.

Not only do the members' ages range from 28 to 35 years old , they are all married and three are even mothers.

Representatives of the women’s agency, SC Entertainment, claim that although the group is being considered an ajumma -- a term used to describe older, married woman -- group, they still have the looks and vocal skills to compete with the big-time girl groups.

"We want Girl Hood to be the representative ajumma group that gives hopes and dreams to older women,” an agency representative stated in a press release.

The group recently released its first digital single. It is known that many Kpop girl groups have an unspoken no-dating rule. This includes Girl's Day, who once revealed their no-dating policy and 12am curfew in an interview last year.

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