Tiffany Tang said to be so badly cut, bone could be seen

2 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Tiffany Tang was admitted to hospital after her left hand bled profusely. A picture of bleeding tissues was circulated by a crew member via WeChat.The crew member wrote: "It's so scary to receive such news at midnight. She was urgently sent to the hospital at 2am The bones could even be seen and she received many stitches. The bleeding just could not stop!"As Tiffany has been under emotional distress over her breakup with Roy Chiu, rumours are circulating that she tried to commit suicide, reports Asian Pop News and Apple Daily.Tiffany' manager Ju Rujing dismissed the rumours and called them ridiculous. It turned out that Tiffany had accidentally cut her thumbs while she was peeling fruits. As Tiffany was bleeding profusely, she sought help from her crew members.Suspicions also arose regarding why the crew member had circulated the picture of the bloodstained tissues.Ms Ji replied: "The crew member only forwarded the picture to her friends. We didn't expect it to be circulated to the public. I can't control what others think and have clarified it immediately."

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