Tiffany Tang copes with crushing breakup thanks to Yang Mi

4 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

A week after Tiffany Tang's so-called suicide attempt, the Chinese actress has credited Yang Mi with helping her cope with her devastating breakup with Roy Chiu. According to a report on QQ, Yang Mi has been a pillar of support for Tiffany, even answering calls late at night.Last week, mainland Chinese actress Tiffany Tang was rushed to the hospital in the early morning to get stitches for her injured hand, leaving the news media to wonder if she was contemplating suicide due to her breakup with Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu. Although her manager confirmed that the injury was an accident, the typically radiant Tiffany has clearly been in an emotional slump during the past few weeks. However, in a recent interview, Tiffany shared that her good friend, fellow actress Yang Mi, helped her recover from the lowest points of her heartbreak.In the past, Tiffany has spoken glowingly of her close friendship with Yang Mi, but it was not until recently that netizens learned how tight-knit the two are. “When you’re at your weakest, she will give you a call every day,‘ said Tiffany. “Some days I didn’t pick up, or I was feeling extremely low, or I didn’t give her a call back, and she would text me every day. She would ask how I was, if I was okay, if I needed her right now, if I needed her to call. She would call and say, ‘˜Whenever you need me or want to talk to me, [call me] at any time, even in the middle of the night.’ I was very touched.‘Yang Mi also helped Tiffany handle questions regarding her love life from the media, in the hopes that Tiffany would recover more quickly. “When I’m in a bad mood,‘ shared Tiffany, “I’m used to closing myself off, refusing to see anyone or take anyone’s calls or pay attention to anyone else‘¦. [During those times,] she will come and find me.‘Because the entertainment industry is known for its competitiveness, many have expressed skepticism that such a friendship between two actresses could exist. Tiffany acknowledges that their friendship is “very rare,‘ but maintains that Yang Mi is one of her closest friends, as well as one of the most trustworthy.“She will continually call and text me,‘ said Tiffany. “She gives me positive energy.‘

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