Threat to leak photos of actress Emma Watson exposed as a hoax

25 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

An online threat to release nude photos of British actress Emma Watson has turned out to be a hoax, reported international news sites including Reuters.

She became a target of a nude photo leak after she gave a speech and launched a gender equality campaign at the United Nations. 

Until late Tuesday night, the website, which appeared earlier on online message board 4chan, showed a countdown clock and a threat to release illegally obtained photos of the Harry Potter actress, reported Reuters. 

Reuters added that the hoax was probably led by a hoax group. 

The threat emerged to be a hoax, with the EmmaYouAreNext website redirecting to the web page of Rantic (, an online domain that claims to be a social media marketing enterprise, that featured the message #shutdown4chan.

"Join us as we shutdown 4chan and prevent more private pictures from being leaked," said a statement on the sparce Rantic website.

It added the company had been hired by celebrity publicists to bring this issue to attention.

Rantic site could also be a hoax, speculated various media reports.

Emma is a United Nations Women's Goodwill Ambassador.

Her speech in New York on Saturday urged men to join the fight for gender equality and end violence and discrimination against women.

It was also the launch of "HeForShe" campaign that aims to mobilise 1 billion men and boys over the course of 12 months to support gender equality.

By late Wednesday the number signed up to pledge to fight for equality had reached 100,000, said Reuters. 

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