Think these women are pretty? You might change your mind after this

8 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

In lieu of International Women’s Day today (March 8), men from ACQUA, a hair salon in Tokyo decided to celebrate the special day with a unique event.

The salon’s talented men wanted to show their thanks and support to the multitude of women who come to their shop by getting made up like one.

With two store locations, one in Omotesando and one in Aoyama, ACQUA is well-known as a high-class beauty salon with top-notch stylists.

This year, they want to show support to their female clientele, which makes up 80 percent of their business, reports RocketNews24 via PR Times.

Twelve of the male stylists volunteered to transform themselves into women for a photo shoot.

The concept is to “better understand women by sensing ALL the things they feel by putting on makeup and wearing women’s clothing.

This of course isn’t your normal everyday look for women; ACQUA wanted their men to experience makeup styles that are beyond the norm.

Along with the makeup, the photo shoot was done in a “gravure” style, that attempts to make the subject as sexy as possible without showing anything too racy.

Browse through the gallery to see shots of the makeover.  

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