These Thai celebs shot to fame after sex-change

3 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Treechada Marnyaporn, also known as Nong Poy, is an actress and model from Thailand. The 25-year-old won two beauty contests prior to her sex reassignment surgery at 17. She has been called the World's Most Beautiful Man,and judging by her photos, it's no wonder why. Standing at 1.71m, Nong Poy could easily pass off as a beautiful model if people were to see her on the street.Thai singer Zee was born a girl, but found fame as a male singer.Zee is popular not just in Thailand, but also in South Korea and other Asian countries.Said STOMPer Vivian:"Famous Thai model and actress Poyd Treechada, also known as Nong Poy was born a boy, but had a sex change to become a woman. "While Zee is a famous Thai singer who was born a girl, but chooses to live her life as a man. "Poy is by far the best looking transgender female and Zee the hottest tomboy."

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