These pictures show how South Koreans turn to plastic surgery to look like K-pop stars

22 September 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

You are, no doubt, aware of the enormous popularity of cosmetic surgery in South Korea.

Public opinion on the procedures is still split. Nevertheless, it can be quite startling at times to see just how much a skilled surgeon can do.

These compilitation of images from Acidcow show the before-and-after images of cosmetic surgery from South Korea.

Since they all seem to be advertisements from clinics and hospitals, we’re sure that only the best, most extreme examples have been selected.

But even so the photos certainly show off the sometimes troubling level of skill of plastic surgeons in the country possess, reports Rocket News 24.

Cosmetic surgery is quite a contentious issue, and will likely remain so for quite some time.

We are still thoroughly amazed by the transformations that can be made by the right surgeon.

We just hope that after all the time, money, and most likely pain, that cosmetic surgery requires, these people are happy.

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