These Korean celebs have ant-sized waists

23 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Jewelry’s Eunjung is the latest celebrity to amaze fans with her tiny waist. She joins a long list of celebrities who are known for their “ant-sized waist.‘Â A photo of Eunjung was posted on Jewelry’s official twitter, displaying the singer’s small waist, reports Soompi.The post came with the caption, “Revealing a behind-the-scenes shot from the waiting room for a music program. Eunjung is tying her own shoelaces, and she looks like a folder.Perfect body with no love handles! Can you guess what the secret behind her body is?‘  Scroll through the gallery to see which female celebrities have been blessed with such small waists and what their sizes are! You’ll be surprised! Images 1 to 10 show Korean celebs with tiny waists, while the rest of the gallery shows other female stars with hot bodies.

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